Allester Shaun

Equal parts cheeky and brooding, Allester Shaun is the Kuching-bred indie lover boy who’s managed to capture ears (and hearts) across Malaysia with his own brand of slacker rock. Armed with his handy Fender Telecaster – which he matter-of-factly refers to as his “life partner” – Allester’s musical influences are made up of classic rock acts whom he accredits with inspiring his initial dream of “becoming a rockstar”, such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, and Pantera; as well as contemporary mainstays such as Jakob Ogawa, Mac Demarco and Tame Impala.

Whether it’s singing about aliens that came to him in his dream, or “A.S.S.” (that’s an abbreviation of his own creation that stands for ‘another sad song’, before you get the wrong idea), Allester’s signature soft and romantic musical style is packed with a hint of nostalgia and will undoubtedly bring you back to your high school prom’s dance floor, sure to wash you over with waves of excitement and infatuation.

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