F. Rider

Meet “your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper”.

Karl Azari, probably best known by his artist alias, F.Rider is a jack of all trades when it comes to his music endeavours. His distinctive sound and unorthodox production style has cemented him as one of the most innovative artists on the scene. Pulling from a palette made up of a mixed bag of influences ranging from the likes of Kanye West and Childish Gambino, to Yung Lean and Incubus, F.Rider’s art is a testament to his ingenuity; separating him from his other contemporaries.

From catchy mumble rap hooks, to honest introspection in his wordplay, to autotune-infused ballad-like melodies – it is an understatement to say that F.Rider is simply “versatile”. The 23-year old’s skillset expands beyond his understanding of and natural affinity for music production and rapping. The all-rounded creative force also dabbles in graphic design and even songwriting/production for other artists.

F. Rider started his musical journey in 2017, under BAD MOB Records in 2017 as a member of (the now inactive rap group) REAPERGANG (RPG). Now a fully independent – and self-sufficient – artist, F.Rider has undoubtedly proven himself as one the most notable rappers in the local underground music scene, with cosigns from multiple of his peers and Malaysian hip-hop mainstays.

Despite the tribulations of COVID-19, F.Rider persisted and flourished. In 2021, he released his acclaimed 2nd EP “Left on Loop (LOL)” to kick off the year and notably performed at two Raising The Bar (RTB) events: the virtual hip-hop music festival #RTBFEST2021, and RTB’s post-MCO showcase “Way2Vaxxy”. Some of his collaborators include FORCEPARKBOIS, Afiq Not Nice, Ichu, Herbal Candy, Citybois, and Nakalness.

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