Faux Goth

Faux Goth is the artist alias of 18-year old Malaysian bedroom/alternative pop artist Hanis (Han). Han began writing songs when she was 12 years old whenever she found herself “bored at school”. She then taught herself guitar by picking up her dad’s, and that led to her begging her mom for a pink toy ukulele. Said ukulele would become her weapon of choice – Han continued to hone her songwriting skills with the instrument, drawing direct inspiration from British singer-songwriter Dodie.

Over the following years, Han’s artistry evolved with the help of fellow musicians and producers (turned friends) whom she met online. Writing to type-beats and collaborating with her friend group fostered her passion for creating and aided her in diving deeper into herself.

Faux Goth’s range of influences include Yuna, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez, Remi Wolf, and Grimes. With an eclectic style and an unwavering sense of self that bleeds into her music (marked by lyrics which are equal parts relatable, blasé, and brazen), Faux Goth is ready to make her mark.

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