Herbal Candy

What began as a friendship (forged over Instagram DMs) has since flourished and unfolded into a musical partnership as unique as they come for Malaysian indie duo Herbal Candy. Made up of producer, !ven, and vocalist, Syamil – though the distinction between these roles often get blurry (sometimes !ven sings too, and sometimes Syamil produces also) – Herbal Candy is the sonic extension of the duo’s joint identities.

Coming from differing musical backgrounds and influences, the duo fully leans into and embraces their inherent duality – best exemplified by the paradoxical nature of their stage name itself, with “herbal” usually associated with health, healing, and a bitter/earthy flavor & quality, and “candy” being a sweet and fun treat – continually honing their eclectic approach in crafting crisp, yet intimate, genre-bending soundscapes.

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