Ethereal. Velvety. Saccharine. These are some of the adjectives used to describe Lunadira’s singing when you hear her for the first time, and that’s how she captivates you, reeling you in slowly into her dreamy world just by the soft tugs of her voice. With plenty of musicality and heart, the enigmatic 26-year old is no stranger to the highs and lows of romance, serenading listeners with her delicate and unique perspective.

Carving her own path in music and coining her own signature genre of “sad and groovy”, Lunadira continues to capture the hearts and ears of music fans locally and regionally with her ingenuity and honesty. Be it captivating the audience at large festivals such as Good Vibes or Urbanscapes, to intimate sessions at gig houses, Lunadira stands tall in front of the audience. Confidence unwavering, matched with an incredibly powerful ability to mesmerise the crowd as she shines brightly in the spotlight.

Lunadira is currently in the process of crafting her long-awaited first solo album.

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